TRIZ Training


Our TRIZ training is focused on enhancing analytical thinking and provides checklists and guidelines in problem formulation and problem solving.

Leading to the set of the best solutions, TRIZ shortens significantly time needed for concept development and problem solving while increasing the quality of the developed ideas.

Bringing real-life problems to the course, the participants benefit not only from learning TRIZ but also from solutions developed to their real-life problems.

TRIZ Consulting offers the most complete TRIZ Training program that ends with TRIZ Practitioner Certification.

The classes offered are:


TRIZ Consulting and Facilitation

Our focus in TRIZ consulting is to provide you with the most elegant and valuable solutions to your most difficult design and manufacturing problems much faster than they can be obtained by traditional ways.

  • Solving Participants' Problems as a part of TRIZ training

    A team of Boeing engineers had been working hard for three years on a new 767 Tanker Transport development. They experienced many difficult problems some of which were not resolved successfully. John Higgs, former chief project engineer, offered some of difficult problems of the project for discussion as a part of basic five-day TRIZ course.  More...
  • Breakthrough concept development

    A team of Alcoa Closure Systems International, one of the biggest manufacturers of water bottle plastic caps, had been working for a year on a new product development. They wanted to develop a cap for drivers and bicyclists which would allow drinking water by using one hand only.  More...
  • Next product generation development

    Illinois Tool Works (ITW) asked us to facilitate a team working on next generation of electrostatic spray gun. The gun had three input components liquid paint supplied by a hose, airflow with its hose and high voltage cable.  More...
  • Root cause analysis

    A client company had a warranty problem with a unit which failed too premature in service. For ten years the company had been changing the design of the unit, materials and the processes, however, the failure was not eliminated.  More...
  • Product Unification

    Shick Technologies, a manufacturer of x-ray dental sensors, had been working on continues improvements of its x-ray dental sensor which very often resulted in the need to change a size of the sensor.  More...
  • Avoiding infringement of competitor's patent

    A Client Company had developed a product with a new and very attractive feature, however, the US patent on the similar product was granted to a competitor.  More...



Designing Better Products Faster Using the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving This is the most complete and advanced textbook of TRIZ methods developed in a user-friendly way by Zinovy Royzen, the founder and President of TRIZ Consulting, Inc, the first US TRIZ company. Zinovy Royzen is a leading TRIZ Master, certified by Genrich Altshuller, 1926-1998, the creator of TRIZ.

The textbook provides step-by step guidelines for analysis of the situation and problem formulation, Tool-Object-Product (TOP) function modeling, and classifying problems into six classes. It provides step-by step guidelines, checklists and algorithms for solving conflicts or contradictions including the most user friendly version of ARIZ, for harmful action elimination, for building a new sufficient function, for solving measurement problems, for revealing the causes of a failure (TRIZ root cause analysis) and for technological forecast using trends of evolution of technical systems.

The textbook includes many examples and case studies form different industries with detailed solutions. It includes Royzen's TRIZ development based on his experience in applying and teaching TRIZ since 1980 and development of TRIZ method since 1984.

This textbook not only will help you to learn contemporary TRIZ methods but also could be your reliable handbook for problem solving in innovation.

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